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The Shape of Things

Experience a relaxing atmosphere from the comfort of your cozy room by solving small 3D puzzles inside collectible gachapons, and find the original shape of things inspired by Rubik’s style.



Selected Articles

"From the creators of 'Tiny Lands' comes a laid-back puzzler, set to drop on the 26th of May. Get ready to embrace your inner child with some gacha-fun and Rubik's-inspired challenges." ,Gaming Buzz

"This is a Narrative and Puzzle game with Brain Game and Sequencing elements", Family gaming database

"The Shape of Things is so cute, it’s super fun, and the smooth gameplay and the puzzles are well-considered."。,LadiesGamers

"The Shape of Things, puzles dentro de la habitación"-  Lorena Garcés Abarca , Consola y tablero

"The Shape of Things – A Relaxing Rubik’s Inspired Puzzle Game", INDIE HIVE


"THE SHAPE OF THINGS TWISTING BRAINS TODAY" - Jacob Greenwood, cogconnected

"El juego de rompecabezas The Shape of Things ya está disponible en Steam" - Yuri Pérez Taylor, Kopodo

"A Cozy Puzzle Game" Vanidoor

"12 NEW  COZY GAMES TO PLAY IN 2023" KeenGamer




VulgarKnight - 8/10 - "Everything Has Its Place In The Shape Of Things"

Generación Pixel- 7.5/10 - "Haciendo que todo encaje"

FullSync - 8/10 - "A Piece of Tranquility"

Cosmonerd- 7/10 - "um relaxante cubo mágico"

Gertlush Gaming- 7.2/10  "A very Zen-like puzzle game"






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